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Choosing the Right Private Primary School for your Children


Education is one of the most important things that a person must have. The very first part of a children’s learning is crucial because it is where they learn the basics and it is where the mind’s discovery is heightened and active. That is the reason why parents must choose the right and appropriate school for their child’s primary learning. Basically, we have to choose whether to send our children to a public or a private school. We all have our own reasons about our choices but we must carefully weigh these two things because it is education that we are talking about. Usually if a parent have decided for their children to attend private education, its usually starts from the preschool level to primary and scecondary levels. Compared to public  schools, private schools would definitely provide a higher quality and more diverse education as well as exposing your child to more diverse social network, this of course would come at a premium. In order to make an informed decision,

To tell us the differences between the two, Maureen Boland will help us through her article.

Public vs. private: Which is right for your child?

When you were old enough to begin kindergarten, chances are you went to the public school around the corner, or perhaps to the religious school a short bus ride away. For your parents, the choice of schools was probably pretty simple.

Not anymore. Today education is a complex and compelling topic in our national dialogue. Questions about school quality, accountability, curriculum, and teacher training arise each day, and we explore them in the newspapers, during political debates, and over kitchen tables all across the country.

What this means for you, as you try to decide on the best school for your child, is that you have to do your homework. Choosing a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make. To do a good job, you have to educate yourself so you can be a savvy consumer. That means researching, networking, and making sure that you understand all the choices available to you and your child. Read more here.

            Those were helpful information about the advantages of sending your child to either a public or a private school. Both really have their own edges against the other that is why it is in our best decision to choose between the two. Right now, let us know more about private schools and what other advantages they bring.

An article by Our Kids will tell us more about the benefits of private schools and why parents choose an independent education for their children.

Benefits of private schools: Why parents choose an independent education for their kids

To teach their children the necessary skills for an ever-changing world, many parents are choosing private school education. With options ranging from boarding schools to alternative schools to preschools, there is almost certainly a school to suit each and every child. Here are the reasons why parents are choosing to give their children the unique experience of private school and why it’s worth the financial investment. Read more here.

Those additional pieces of information can really encourage you to send your child to a private primary school singapore. There are truly many positive things about private schools especially when it comes to safety and a more focused learning. For more credible reasons, let us read Janet Murray’s article which is about a personal experience of someone who had sent her child to a private school.

Why I Sent My Child to a Private School

Five years ago, if someone had told me I’d have a child at private school, I’d have laughed. I’d have said I resented parents buying privilege through private education.

That was before I became a parent. When my daughter, Katy, was about to turn three, I had a dilemma. Although we had a lovely childminder, I felt Katy needed to start mixing with other children in preparation for school. She was offered a place at the nursery attached to the primary school I had my eye on, but the two-hour daily sessions were not practical for me as a working mother. I did not want Katy to be shunted from nursery to career. She’d had a difficult start in life, born almost three months early, weighing just over two and half pounds. She was a quiet child who often found new situations stressful, so I didn’t feel that was right for her. Read more here.

Reading that article could really be encouraging if you are planning to send your child to a private primary school. The benefits and advantages are really helpful for you and your child. However, we should still be careful because not all private schools offer a quality education. Some do not have the benefits and advantages that we read above that is why as parents, it is our responsibility to make sure that the school we have chosen for our children could really meet your expectations and could really give the best service that you and your child deserves.


How a toddler’s brain develop during preschool period

Toddlers are quick learners. You could potentially teach them a new thing every day and they would learn quickly especially when they are interested. This is because it is during ages 3 to 5 that the brain is developing rapidly. During this age, kids would learn quickest when studying in preschool in singapore . These are also the years when your child should go to preschool so that brain development can be encouraged and nurtured in the most healthiest way possible since the right environment inculates learning. As parents, you should take the best care of your child such that the activities that toddler care center in Singapore and Preschools offer are vital for making your child learn new things. Here is an explanation of how children learn at this age and how preschools aid this process.

1. Interest

It is true that the preschool age is the crucial time of learning but that does not mean you can start forcing your child to learn. No matter how many flash cards you prepare, the kids will only learn what they find interesting. This is where preschools come in work. You can find many preschools that offer toddler care center in Singapore too. This is especially helpful for working parents. Toddler care centres in Singapore along with preschools encourage the learning process through activities. The children are interested and they learn while having fun. Forceful learning causes stress which can be harmful. Stress released hormones that damage the brain neurons. Its better to let an educational center help you through these toddler years instead of causing unintentional damage to your children.

2. Every child is different

There is no need to panic if your older children were different than your current toddler. If your friend’s toddlers have different habits, there is nothing unusual. Every human is different than the other. Every toddler has a varying learning rate, different interest and might not be excellent in all fields. This is the reason why the toddler car centers Singapore has offer a lot of activities. From physical activity to reading, coloring to math games, your toddler has the opportunity to experience everything. They have the freedom to choose what they like. This is where they find out their strengths and sharpen them. Such a wide scale of options can not be provided in homes. In order to let your child discover themselves, let them have a little independence since the start of preschool.

3. Relatable things are easier to learn

Can you remember that random word you read in a dictionary? Or can you more easily recall an event where a new word was used in a funny context? Anything with a back story builds a picture in the brain. It becomes easier to remember stuff that can easily bring up an image. Its harder to cram 100 words, but describing a picture you saw months ago will be easier. Preschool basically paints a lot new pictures in the toddler brain. Every new thing they learn adds some sort of aspect to an existing image. The point is, teaching methods in preschool are effective. Toddlers learn in interactive environments. It makes it much easier to remember new information correctly. Learning a new word but not remembering the correct meaning is would cause the word to be forgotten easily. Toddler care centers in Singapore follow strict teaching guidelines in order to promote efficient learning.

4. Every skill is important

As your child grows, it isnt just the alphabets or counting that help them. Preschool is the time where kids learn the basics of what they will require in their whole life ahead. Confidence, curiosity, creativity and social skills are all a part of preschools as well as child care centers Singapore.

Preschool for your children

Are you looking for a good preschool for your children ? Is the idea of sending your child away to school worrying for you? Between the huge variety of preschools to choose from and to decide what suits your kid, the idea of your child starting his/ her educational journey is overwhelming. Read on and this will help you in making the right decision.

Is your child ready for Preschool?

Most preschools admit children around the age of 2.5 years. This, however, is not a hard or fast rule. We believe each kid is unique and has a certain stamina which should be considered before admitting him/her. We make sure that your child is emotionally, physically, socially and cognitively ready to participate in structured and educational programs we offer.

The points to ask yourself before committing you kid to any preschool

1. Is your child capable of spending time away from you? If he/she has spent time with a relative or babysitter, they might adjust better.

2. Your child is able to take care of some basic needs, for instance, he is potty-trained, washing hands after painting and before eating, is able to eat without assistance and can sleep alone.

3. Will your child be able to work on projects on his own? We make our students work on arts and crafts projects that require concentration and ability to focus on an individual task. We like to encourage our students to be creative and won’t say no if he needs help. Although we try to make them work independently.

4. Is your child ready to socialize with other children of his age group? This can be an issue for some children under 3, as they are active explorers and not always ready to play with other children. We try to help such kids by gradually introducing them to other kids. Help them interact, participate in group activities.

5. Does your child have the physical stamina to participate in all the art projects, small field trips and playground activities we offer? If he needs little naps during the day, preschool might not be a good idea.

6. One important point to consider is, is your child ready for all the above mentioned activities? If no, you might want to consider daycare. If yes, our doors are open.

Although if you visit us, we can help you in getting your kid ready for preschool. That’s what we are famous for!

Reasons to sign up your kid for preschool:

The points mentioned above are to guide you, so you know what is good for your child. Following are the few of many reasons listed that will make you want to sign up for a good preschool.

1. Preschool provides an opportunity for growth

Preschool is their first experience in a structured setting with teachers and groups of children. It’s an opportunity to learn, to share, follow instructions and begin the foundation for learning that will occur in elementary school.

2. Preschool prepares children for kindergarten

As kindergarten becomes more academic, many parents look to preschool to launch their child on the path to success in school. A high-quality early childhood education program will offer children both, a child’s play time and making sure that he/she is ready for kindergarten.

3. Preschool encourages social and emotional development of children

In order to learn, a young child needs to feel cared for and secure with a teacher or caregiver. High-quality preschool programs nurture warm relationships among children, teachers and parents. And teachers build a close personal connection with each child in their care.

4. Preschool teachers should nurture a child’s curiosity

A high-quality preschool should help in nurturing their curiosity and motivation to learn, teachers use children’s interests and ideas to create activities. Teachers should be instructed to observe, ask questions and listen to children’s ideas during activities. Let the child know that the correct answer is not the aim.

The above mentioned points are just a few of the guidelines we follow. We have all that and much more for your child to grow. So if your child seems ready to broaden his social horizons and interact with other children, chances are it’s the perfect time to start school.